We're pleased to announce the 5th-annual Bol d' Oregon will be Sunday June 2, 2019 at the Mac Track.   This year we have some exciting new developments!  

  1. The vintage class is expanding to include bikes up to 1985 and 550cc.  The Mac is a great equalizer, so will that Seca, GPz, or Interceptor muscle its way past an RD, CB450, or YZ490?  Come find out! 

  2. And, since so many of you have fielded smaller bikes in prior years, we're creating a "fly weight" class just for you.  Bikes of any year up to 185cc. 

  3. The modern class will remain unchanged at 250cc, any year.  Though rumor has it there will be an unofficial "convert a cruiser" class within the modern class, Rebel racing anyone?

Three classes, two directions, for SIX hours.  Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and start trolling Craigslist!