Bring your swim trunks this year. Gonna be a beach party!

Meet at the Huckleberry Inn (88611 Government Camp Loop, Government Camp, OR 97028) on Saturday, 11 August.  Ride leaves at 9 a.m. - please show up early if you want breakfast there.

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It’s SFRC Gold Rush time again. This year marks our 16th club ride to Sumpter, Oregon, home of such legendary sites as “the Dredge,” “the Elkhorn,” and “Zac’s Cabin.” If you don’t know what these things are, now is your chance to expand your horizons.

We’re looking forward to seeing old and new faces this year, enjoying some great riding, drinking some beers together, toasting Phil, and thanking the stars we live in such a beautiful place and that we ride motorcycles.

See you all soon.

Sumpter 13 10.JPG
Sumpter 05.jpg